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What is the Artist Gallery?
        The Artist Gallery is the launch page for a collection of beautifully designed artist biography pages, each featuring an individual piano artist's biography, pictures, music, videos and links. On the Artist Gallery page you can click on any slideshow or thumbnail picture to go directly to the individual artist's gallery page.  Spend time exploring many great artists and enjoy fantastic music. You can access The Artist Gallery page on the navigation menu. 

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Your support makes it possible to create beautiful Artist Gallery pages for artists and fans without having the site cluttered by advertising.  Your support makes it possible to keep this website an ad-free zone. Thank you!

How do I join the Artist Gallery?
        Contact us to express your interest in joining the Artist Gallery. Currently there is no cost to join the Artist Gallery....though we do encourage our artists to contribute a small voluntary annual donation to help cover costs associated with the web site. Any amount is acceptable.  We do not publish unauthorized pages. Each Artist Gallery page has been published with the permission of the artist. 

        The Contributor Gallery is designed for anyone who would like to contribute piano related content through You can submit articles, music, videos, pictures, music events, links to your own websites, etc. All are welcome. If you would like to have your own Contributor Gallery page, send us a message on our Contact Page. 

Contributor Gallery

        Just to have a little extra fun, we started the Real Piano Music (RPM) Annual Top Ten Countdown. Each year beginning on December 22nd, we count down our ten favorite audio and/or video performances from the previous year's featured performances. These are performances that we have featured throughout the year on our Facebook Fan Page, all of which can be reviewed in the Performance Archives. The winner is announced each year on New Year's Eve. 

        Evgeny Kissin was the winner for 2014 with his blazing encore performance of "Suggestion Diabolique,"a diabolical Prokofiev toccata. David Nevue and Neil Patton were the joint winners for 2015 with their brilliant composition and performance of "Clockwork." The results of the annual countdown are posted each year here.

RPM Annual Top Ten Countdown

        We have created the Performance Archives where you can enjoy each video or audio presentation that has been featured throughout the year, so you never miss a performance. Whenever we introduce a new artist, we post the featured performance in the archives. Just click on the date of the performance and you will be taken directly to the video or audio presentation. 

Performance Archives

        Contact us using our Contact Page or send an email to We invite your comments, suggestions, referrals, and questions. Any piano artists who wish to join the Artist Gallery should contact us on the contact page. 

Facebook Fan Page

        On our Facebook Fan Page,  join the commentary regarding our featured artists. You can also originate new posts to introduce new artists. Both artists and fans are invited to post......everyone is welcome! 

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        Real Piano is a community of amateur and professional artists from around the world with a common passion-- to share the gift of piano music. From the world's foremost concert pianist to the talented amateur, all are welcome to join our growing  Artist Gallery.

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