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"A Distant Memory"

9.        Jason Liles

What is the RPM Annual Top Ten Countdown? 

Each year starting on December 22nd, we have a ten night countdown of our favorite ten songs and/or videos we have featured during the previous year.  The winner is announced on New Year's Eve. 

3.        The Piano Guys

"Phantom of the Opera Fantasy for Two Pianos"

2014 Results:

Dec 31, 2014....1.   "Suggestion Diabolique"    (Evgeny Kissin)

Dec 30, 2014....2.    "Rhapsody In Blue"   (Fazil Say)

Dec 29, 2014....3.    "O Come, Emmanuel"   (The Piano Guys)

Dec 28, 2014....4.    "Mesmerized"  (Joe Bongiorno)

Dec 27, 2014....5.    "Rain"   (Brian Crain)

Dec 26, 2014....6.    "Sixteen Years Old"    (David Gomez)

Dec 25, 2014....7.    "Autumn Leaves"    (David Escher)

Dec 24, 2014.....8.    "Santa Claus is Coming to Town"    (Jonny May)

Dec 23, 2014.....9.    "A Distant Memory"    (Jason Liles)

Dec 22, 2014.....10.   "Phantom of the Opera Fantasy"   (Nykanen & Hilpo)

2.        Fazil Say


6.        David Gomez

"Rhapsody in Blue"


8.        Jonny May

"Autumn Leaves"

5.        Brian Crain

"Santa Claus is Coming to Town"

7.        David Escher

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Steven Sharp Nelson  &  Jon Schmidt

"Sixteen Years Old"

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10.  Jukka Nykänen & Marko Hilpo

1.        Evgeny Kissin

2014 RPM Annual Top Ten Countdown Results:

"O Come, O Come, Emmanuel"


Evgeny Kissin....

Winner of the 2014 RPM Annual ​Top Ten Countdown

4.        Joe Bongiorno

"Suggestion Diabolique"