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2015 RPM Annual Top Ten Countdown Results:

2.     Evgeny Kissin

6.      Anne Trenning

10.  Vincent Van Der Bosch

7.     Eduardo Vinuela

1.  David Nevue & Neil Patton

"Carmen Fantasie"

"I Wonder"

"A Sunset's Promise"

"Under Veil, Another Shroud"

5.        Michael Dulin

 Winner of the 2015 RPM Annual ​Top Ten Countdown....


"Nocturne  Op. 27  No. 2"

9.       Tim Neumark

8.     James Michael Stevens

"Nocturne No. 10 in E minor"

2015 results:
Dec 31, 2015........1.  "Clockwork"  (Nevue & Patton)
Dec 30, 2015........2.  "Carmen Fantasie"  (Evgeny Kissin)
Dec 29, 2015........3.  "A Walk Between the Raindrops" (Robin                                          Spielberg)
Dec 28, 2015........4.  "A Sunset's Promise" (Christine Brown)
Dec 27, 2015........5.  "Nocturne, Op. 27, No. 2"  (Michael Dulin)
​Dec 25, 2015........6.  "A Prayer For the World"  (Anne Trenning)
Dec 24, 2015........7.  "Nocturne No. 10 in E minor"  (Eduardo                                           Vineula)
​Dec 23, 2015........8.  "I Wonder"   (James Michael Stevens)
​Dec 22, 2015........9.  "The Inner Light"   (Tim Neumark)
Dec 22, 2015......10.  "Under Veil, Another Shroud"   (Vincent                                            Van Der Bosch)

"A Prayer For the World"

4.      Christine Brown

3.      Robin Spielberg

What is the RPM Annual Top Ten Countdown? 

Each year starting on December 22nd, we have a ten night countdown of our favorite ten songs and/or videos we have featured during the previous year.  The winner is announced on New Year's Eve.  

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"A Walk Between the Raindrops"

"The Inner Light"